How It All Started in
a Little London Apartment

“What good is an idea if it remains an idea? Try. Experiment. Iterate. Fail. Try again. Change the world” ~ Simon Sinek

Winter 2022

Product Interviews & Testing in the United States

Our Journey with the Global Insurance Accelerator begins

100 days | 60+ Meetings with Insurance Executives | Product Testing & Refinement | Over 50+ Product Interviews | 1 Demo day

Oct 2021

We Got Accepted into the Global Insurance Accelerator (GIA)

We were 1 of 8 companies who got selected to take part in the GIA.

The GIA is one of the worlds first Insurance Accelerators and is backed by some of the largest carriers within the United States.

Autumn 2021

Product Iteration & Experimentation

Building on months of research we started to refine our initial product offering.

The Integration of External Applications

Product Development continued with a focus on key value differentiators that set out Insurtic from other no code competitors. 

Summer 2021

We Got Accepted in the University of York Summer Accelerator

This was filled with weeks of intense research and mentor meetings.

Grant sponsored by Santander Bank.

Spring 2021

The Brainchild Behind Insurtic Was Formed

After the cliché “AHA” moment and a series of back and forth meetings with a former technology mentor… it all finally clicked.

On a Sunday afternoon in a small apartment in North London no code for Insurance Teams initial product specs were developed.

Ready to get started?

We are looking to partner with US Insurance carriers for:

  1. small scaled POCs (1-2 months onboarding time)
  2. pilots (onboarding time depends on scope)

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