Create consistent 
scalable assets

Insurtic goes beyond traditional B2B SaS automation tools by removing traditional silos across Actuarial, Underwriting and Sales. 

We enable full transparency of data, automated workflows and expert judgements being used within your organization.

A Better Way
to Automate

Based on research and years of experience at different carriers our automation tools are custom built for the technical complexities of insurance. 

Flexible Workflow Automation

Insurtic workflow automations are built to allow for the dynamic changes that your teams and organization may have. 

Realtime Logging

24/7 automatic in-built audit trail gives complete transparency of automated workflows.

Optimized for Delivery

No waiting time for IT approvals to deploy workflows automations. 

Simplify Your Workflow
From Start to End

Insurtic has additional in-built tools to allow for deeper insights during product development, pricing and reserving.

Scalable Workflow

Save time and resources through consistent scalable workflow automation. 

All automations are easily configured by end users using a front-end visual tool. No coding is required.

Continuous Integration
and Testing

Insurtic is constantly updating integration tools in line with changes in the industry.

We provide in-built tools for automated testing of new tools and your existing workflows. 

Managing Application

System maintenance and updates are easily managed and tracked by your company’s Technology Teams.

Integrated End to End

We pride ourselves in highest levels of security.

Seamless Integration With
the Tools You Need

Unparalleled flexibility to automate and update workflows based on your integration needs.

Contact us to learn more about our specific Insurance Integrations if they are not visible below.

  • Slack

    Messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need.

  • Microsoft Excel

    Spreadsheet software with formulas and functions.

  • Microsoft Outlook

    Send and receive email messages and manage your calendar.

  • Microsoft Access

    Information management tool, or relational database.

  • Microsoft Teams

    Meet, chat, and collaborate with colleagues.

  • Salesforce

    Creates and supports customer relationship management (CRM).

  • Oracle

    Enterprise grid computing which creates large pools of modular storage and servers.

  • Sage

    Pastel accounting software for payroll and ERP

  • Python

    Programming language to conduct data analysis.

  • R

    Programming language for statistical computing and graphics.

  • SAS

    Programming language used for statistical analysis.

  • Greppo

    Open-source python development framework

  • Jira Integrations

    Issue and project tracking software.

  • Apache Spark

    Engine for executing data engineering, data science, and machine learning. 

  • GitHub

    Code hosting platform for version control and collaboration.

  • AWS

    Amazon Web Services

  • GitLab

    Git repository for free open and private repositories.

  • SQL

    Relational database management

  • Underwriting Workbench

    Platform to manage new business, renewals & endorsements.

  • Snowflake

    Insurance administration system.

  • Azure

    Access and manage cloud services and resources provided by Microsoft.

  • Agency Bloc

    Agency management system

  • Pega

    Collections, claims management, and other case management.

Packed With Features
Your Team Will Love

Unparalleled Flexibility

Allows for dynamic changes such as: incorporating new products to admin systems, changes to Actuarial models and changes in state filing forms.

Monitor Metrics

We are removing silos and giving Insurance Teams a clear view of vital metrics such as gross and net reserves and statutory profits. 

Performance Insights

Automatic updates once workflows have completed results in a faster and continuous stream of results enabling faster decisions and insights can be gained.

Automated Testing

In-built testing features allowing even the most complex model scenarios to run through your workflows with the ability for the user to add top down adjustments.

Agile Project Management

Teams can now keep track of all the tasks and often hidden models which get lost through team handovers and staff resignations.

Cloud Storage

B2B SaS cloud based platform with a central shared space for teams to have quick access to data and results needed across different departments.

Simple, flexible pricing.
Unlimited automations
and in-built Actuarial checks.

Allow your Insurance Teams to focus on value-add work instead of manual repetitive tasks. 

Ready to get started?

We are looking to partner with US Insurance carriers for:

  1. small scaled POCs (1-2 months onboarding time)
  2. pilots (onboarding time depends on scope)

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