Optimize workflows for risk insights that accelerate revenue growth.

Use a visual interface to automate & optimize workflows using your Actuarial & Underwriting assumptions, data integrity, UI, and custom integrations - no code is needed.

Our AI co-pilot then discovers data gaps & insights.

Benefits of using Insurtic

Insights to help your
business enhance risk segmentation & unlock capital

Risk Segmentation

Optimize and automate redundant processes.

Let our AI co-pilot help you uncover new risk insights and data inefficiencies.

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Unlock Capital

Custom built by Insurance professionals.

Inbuilt Actuarial checks & logic to help you make fast decisions to optimize capital.

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Break down silos

Connect siloed teams in: Claims, Underwriting & Actuarial.

Create real time data feeds for assumptions, claims, pricing and reserving analysis.

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increase market share

Gain holistic insights into customers

Insurance is a often a long tailed book, as such all functionality has been built taking into account long term trends customer needs.

Unleash your talent

Evolve the way your Teams work

Our inbuilt tools give actuarial, claims and underwriting employees more meaningful ways to perform their work.

Ensure consistent quick skills transfer and documentation within the organization.

Be at the forefront of the technology that new hires are expecting to have access to.

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Exeperience a smarter way to unlock hidden data insights.

how it works?

Use a visual interface to automate workflows & discover risk insights.


connect Data & models


optimize worklows


Use our ai co-pilot for insights


Insurtic is on a mission to help Insurance Teams leverage their data as an asset by providing Carriers with technology that allows the free flow of data across Insurance departments.

Combining deep insurance insights with technology

Integrity - We pride ourselves on providing the utmost value to our customers whether this be through customer services and ongoing support or through the way in which we develop and deploy our technology.

Customer Commitment - We are always looking for relevant ways for our solution to integrate with customers existing solutions and remain remains relevant for the next 20+ years.

Oshri Cohen

Maddalena Facci (FIA, FSA,CERA)

Itay Forer

Optimization Tool for
Actuaries, Underwriters & Claims Adjustors

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