Generate Risk & Customer Insights to Unlock Capital

Accelerate deployment and integration within insurance workflows. Automate, build and optimize models within weeks.

Beyond Automation: Your Personal Insurance Co-Pilot

AI-driven insurance operations

Leverage advanced AI-driven analytics to inform decisions and mitigate risks.

Risk Insights

Our risk analytics algorithms continuously scan data to detect emerging loss patterns, revealing new risk selection and pricing opportunities early.


Risk Segmentation

Our risk analytics engine classifies insured populations into finely segmented risk groups to pinpoint pricing inefficiencies with precision.

Accelerate Revenue Growth with Unlocked Data Insights

No coding skills needed

Empowering all users within Claims, Actuarial and Underwriting with powerful technology with little to no coding skills required.

Leverage Expert Judgement

Spend less time wrangling models and more time analyzing results.

Enhanced Transparency

Minimize human errors in modelling and risks of black box AI models.

Easy Integration

Use your Actuarial & Underwriting assumptions, data integrity, UI, and custom integrations.

Deploy & Build within minutes

Use a visual interface to automate & optimize workflows.

Real time data processing

Access and analyze data instantly to accelerate decision-making.

Get Started with Insurtic with small incremental steps

Select a workflow

Start with a simple workflow within Actuarial, and let Insurtic optimize ROI and decision making.

Get Better Results with a platform tailored for Insurance Carriers

Insurtic is built by Insurance Professionals with several years of global insurance expeience.


Actuarial logic & checks

Leverage Insurtic's inbuilt logic, checks and templates for a superior automation experience.


Break silos

Improve data flows between core functions to unlock risk insights.



Easily incorporate your internal rules with Insuranc best practice.


Data Driven Reporting

Quickly congifure dashboards for superior insights.


Answers to common queries on how to seamlessly adopt Insurtic in your insurance business operations

What is Insurtic

Insurtic is a user-friendly B2B SaaS cloud platform that allows Acturies, Underwriters and Claims Adjustors to implement cutting-edge AI technology in their business operations without requiring any coding knowledge.

How easy is it to integrate Insurtic with our existing systems?

Insurtic is designed to integrate seamlessly with most existing insurance carrier systems, allowing for a smooth and easy transition.

What kind of optimization can carriers expect from Insurtic?

Insurtic can help insurance carriers optimize their business operations by automating processes, reducing errors, and providing valuable insights through data analysis.

How much training is required to use Insurtic?

Insurtic is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, with minimal training required. Most users are able to start using the platform effectively after just a few hours of training.

What kind of support does Insurtic provide?

Insurtic provides comprehensive support for our No code AI platform, including online documentation, video tutorials, and a dedicated support team to help with any issues that may arise.

Still have questions?

Please contact us for any queries you may have.

Unleash the Power of Insurtic Today!

Use a visual interface to automate & optimize workflows using your Actuarial & Underwriting assumptions, data integrity, UI, and custom integrations - no code is needed.Our AI co-pilot then discovers data gaps & insights.